Tuxedos in Different Colors

Tuxedos in Different Colors

by Al's Formal Wear

April 6, 2016

Yes, Tux Do Come in Different Colors!

Awards season is the best time of year to look forward in Men’s Fashion! Every year here at Al’s, we follow the A-list Actors and Musicians for the latest looks! On the Red Carpets for The Oscars, Golden Globes and Grammy’s this year, both Actors and Musicians stepped out in the latest fashion forward looks, bold colors and slim fit Tuxedos. We took notice of this and have rolled out just in time for prom 4 new bold colors in a Slim Fitting Tuxedos! Stand out at your next Special Event with our Red, White, Midnight Blue, or Gray slim fit tuxedo, and get the look fashion icons Adam Levine, Matt Bomer and Channing Tatum rocked on the red carpet this year!


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Skinny Fit

132 10635 W93401T 3 (Black with Black Shawl)
132 10635 W91050T 14 (Red with Black Shawl)
132 10635 W93403T 23 (Midnight with Back Shawl)
132 10635 W93402T 16 (Grey with Black Shawl)
132 10635 W93412T 1 (White with Black Shawl)

Modern Fit

132 11000 S93401T 3 (Black Shawl)
132 11000 S93403T 23 (Midnight Shawl)
132 11000 S93402T 16 (Grey Shawl)
132 11000 S93412T 1 (White Shawl)